Product Hilights The cloud-native 3D collaboration platform supports large-scale and flexible 3D rendering capabilities and can meet large-scale, high-quality rendering requirements. One design, shared in many places, showing real-time WYSIWYG effects.
Deliver to multiplatforms
Real-Time Engine
Based on the massive computing capability on cloud, to provide high quality rendering effects.
Cloud Colloboration
Cloud based colloboration platform and engine, leverages the cloud advantages such as elastic, scalable, multi-tenant
Services Based
Provide users with services, including create services, engine rendering services, content services.
Our Offering Based on a cloud-based content collaboration platform, providing cloud-native engines and collaborative development cloud services. Coordinating the integration of third-party content to provide a PUGC platform for AI content, committed to simplifying content creation and making content creation visible in real time. Make the creation of contents convienient in different industries such as game, film, social entertainment and so on.
Products & Services

Make industry (film, game, animation, architecture, etc.) more convenient for content creation, make multi-person collaboration more efficient, and enrich material resources. You can enjoy the fun of creation at any place and at any time.
Content Service
The platform connects third-party asset libraries and AI-based assets to build a multi-industry digital asset supply chain, enriching creative resources and supporting more efficient content creation.
AIGC Service
Based on AI assistance, combined with common AI models such as GAN/NeRF in the industry, it assists the generation of content assets in various industries and improves production efficiency.
Creative Service
Based on cloud-based coloboration development, multi-person collaboration at any time and anywhere. Creative suite will be SaaS cloud deployment, supports multi-tenant mode, multi-user access, different user data is strictly isolated, u.  Underlay is cloud-based rendering engine, support what you see is what you get.                        QQ:835004363          Address:Huaixi west road No. 666, Changning District, Shanghai, China  
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